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Vintage in Your Wedding

Melissa, at Style Me Pretty recently blogged about “12 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Decor Into Your Wedding.” I love this article! This is what New England Vintage is all about. She says, “there is something so gosh darn charming + romantic about finding treasures from another time and place that make our hearts skip a beat.” I completely agree.

The article makes twelve fantastic suggestions, many that I use in New England Vintage styling!

Vintage cake and dessert stands:

Tricia&Phil-JulieSterlingPhoto-0426 copy

Julie Sterling Photography

Authentic dairy crates:


Desjar Photography

Vintage suitcase for cards:


Julie Sterling Photography

Vintage lounge seating:


Julie Sterling Photography

Vintage flower vessels:

165435_Sayia_0297 copy

Flowers by Semia, Desjar Photography

Vintage books:


Desjar Photography

Mismatched table settings:


Philbrick Photography

Vintage glassware:


Corinna Raznikov Photography

Banners made from old handkerchiefs: (can’t say that these were made from old hankies, but I love the look)


Summer Street Photography

The article also suggests vintage frames,  mini banners, and preserves wrapped in vintage fabric as favors.

I’ll add a few of my own, too! These some of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage items into a wedding:


Oil lamps, hurricane, lamps, and vintage candle sticks. An evening wedding needs table lighting, so why not make it special?

1052_JenniferAdam copy

Philbrick Photography

Philbrick Photography

Philbrick Photography


Lace tablecloths were treasured items, stored away in a chest or hutch for decades. Now they are easy to find second-hand, and add lots of romance to your event.


Desjar Photography

Tricia&Phil-JulieSterlingPhoto-0343 copy

Julie Sterling Photography

And Glass Bottles:

Glass is always beautiful. It can be 100 years old but still catch the light in just the perfect way. Don’t be afraid of colors!

0380_JenniferAdam copy

Philbrick Photography

Thank you to Melissa at Style Me Pretty for sharing my love of the old. Vintage decor adds a magical and timeless quality to weddings.

Check out the New England Vintage website or pinterest if you want to see more!

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