Vintage Wedding Rentals Massachusetts – English Tea Party Inspiration

It was so great getting to meet with a potential client yesterday!  She was super nice and has an amazing vision for her sister’s wedding.  Yup, you read right, she is planning a whole wedding for her sister!  Since she is here and it is a cape wedding, and her sister is in CA  she has taken the initiative to plan everything right down to the smallest detail.  Kudos to her. 

They booked the absolutely amazing Winslow Estate in South Orleans, MA.  It will be an outdoor tent reception and she is going for vintage chic tea party inspired decor.  So, the idea of vintage tea party has really inspired me lately.  I put together some pieces in the showroom that I will be posting later this week but while brainstorming I came across an image that really stoked the fire:

There is nothing about this I don’t like!  Mismatched chairs - yes please, vintage suitcase - delicious, teal accents - love them, mismatched vases and accessories - heaven.  Here at New England Vintage we have our own version of almost everything you can find on that table. 

Keep checking back with our main sight to see all the great vintage items being added!

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